Slow Cooker vs Pressure Cooker: All The Differences Between Them


Knowing what to call the apparatuses you use to make meals is as important as learning how to prepare the latter. Among the many kitchen appliances, the pressure cooker and the slow cooker are the ones that often get mistaken as the other due to their slightly similar external features. However, that is where their resemblance begins and ends, for the reason that the two are very different in terms of the following:

1. Usage

Whereas the pressure cooker is utilized to soften vegetables or meat before they are even cooked, the slow cooker moderates the hardness of these pieces while the food is still cooking.

2. Cooking Method

You can think of a conventional pressure cooker like a regular pan that can be used on a stovetop or a campfire. Although there are electric variety now too, the same method remains. To be specific, the raw meat has to be submerged in water before placing the lid because the combined heat, pressure and volume help relax the meat fast. Meanwhile, a slow cooker typically is generated by electricity so that you may create pot roasts and other slow-cooked dishes without burning them.

3. Cooking Speed

It is quite apparent from the name ‘slow cooker’ that its beauty lies on the fact that it cooks meals slowly. The amount of ingredients that you will put in it will decide the number of hours that this will have to stay plugged into an electric socket, but it will take eight to nine hours to prepare food for 10 adults. On the other hand, large cuts of chicken, pork or beef need to only stay in the pressure cooker for less than an hour at the maximum.

4. Level of Convenience Offered

Both cookers provide convenience if you look at them in diverse angles. If the visitors have set off towards your home and you no longer have time to make fancier dishes, softening the meat from the fridge with the aid of the pressure cooker can be accomplished in minutes. In case you want the seasoning to fully soak through the core of a dish, you may prepare all the ingredients the night before you would like to consume it so that you can leave the slow cooker on the entire night.

Pressure cooker and slow cooker are different equipment that have their own importance inside the kitchen. Understand their functions properly in order to generate the best meals from home. Speaking about pressure cookers, there are 2 kinds of them: normal pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers, both of them have their differences. In case you’re interested in this topic, you can read these electric pressure cooker reviews to get more information about their usage and advantages.

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